True Stories

The past several postings are all true incidents of calls we have received. But what makes our business successful and interesting is helping people work through the puzzle of figuring out what needs to be done first, second and so on. We do have a lot of resources to assist prospects and clients for their best solutions.

But what is most interesting is everyone is different but their stories of their “stuff” or “circumstances” is interesting.

We just finished in early November working with a client who sold his lake side home and bought a condo. The condo he purchased was a mess. It had cat urine on the floor and taped brick-like wallpaper on the walls.  He asked me if I knew of an interior decorator, which I did. They met and she saw the condo. His realtor only gave him 3 days from the time he had to move out of his house to the condo, but he couldn’t move into the condo because it needed new floors, fresh paint and a total clean up. So, I went to search for Airbnb, Vrbo and hotels he could stay at for 3.5 weeks.

He ended up at a smaller chain hotel at the airport.  He had many challenges there. There was no plumbing in the room and the hotel was over booked one night because of a large conference in the city. So he would have a place to stay since he was renting the room for weeks, the hotel put him in a meeting room that slept a cot.  A week later, he was walking out of the building and the hotel was spray painting the exterior of the building and he got spray painted as he walked out the door. What a mess! We felt so sorry for him and all of his dilemmas.

We did finally move and unpack him 3.5 weeks later after the new floor was down and the walls were painted. He is a happy camper now, but who knows the challenges and delays that can happen remodeling and staying in a hotel an unknown number of days/weeks?