About Us

rita woll

Complete Relocation Solutions is a full service “white glove” relocation firm. We come into your home and touch all aspects of your life… THE PAST, THE PRESENT, AND THE FUTURE. We want to build a solid relationship with you and your family because it is about TRUST, COMPATIBILITY, RELIABILITY AND CONFIDENTIALITY. Our first consultation is at no charge because it’s about learning what you want and need to help with your project. It’s about do you want to work with us and do we want to work with you. Since we work with all personality styles and touch your lifetime history of memories, it’s about working together as a team to achieve your goal.

Rita Woll, founder and owner started in the estate sale business in the late 1990’s when she ran her first tag sale at her in-laws home. After that sale people would ask her to run sales at their homes, then move their Grandmother or Aunt to retirement communities. Check out this blog

The estate liquidation, moving, managing, supervising and executing the entire process with a confident list of resources became full time starting in 2009. This business satisfies my core values as it gives me great joy in giving and helping others, appreciation, to push myself to climb plateaus, achievement, being creative, a purpose, and most of all having fun.

Our Team

The Complete Relocation Solutions Team

It does take a village to build and work. The team is confident, trained, bonded, energetic, trustworthy, reliable, and eager to get the project accomplished, and have fun. Each family/individual are special which makes every projects unique and different.