Residential, Photo and Vital Document Organizing

Residential Organizing – whole house or just a room, home office, garage, and or basement in creating more space and order. As we work together on your goals we’ll de-clutter, sell unwanted items, donation, discard. and shred. Suggestions and recommendations on cabinets, shelving and storage for areas.

Photo Organizing – keeping memories sorted either by events or chronological and the family legacy together for future generations. Placing keepsakes in a digital format using secure cloud based storage, external hard drive and thumbnail disk.

Vital Documents – Combing will, trusts, bank accounts, all insurance, all birth, marriage, school, honors certificates, tax records, appraisals, and more together. Gather all documents into three copies on external hard drive, paper, and secure cloud based solutions so you are prepared for a crisis.

Fair Market Household Inventory preparing for your Life Document binder and or for estate purposes passing of a loved one.

Our firm is not a certified appraiser, but we can offer a written and  online inventory with photos on household contents. The list would include everything in the home at a price of “fair market value” at the time the items were evaluated.