Public Speaking

Having That Talk

How and where you do begin talking to your children, your parents or a loved one, that they need to think of the future. Putting life documents together, the large family home is no longer easy with all the steps and the washer and dryer in the basement. Open discussion.

Plan Today and Don’t Wait For A Crisis

Many times we receive the phone call that Mom or Dad has fallen. They left the hospital and are now in rehab. Rehab said they cannot come back home to live. No prior planning or discussion with the family was ever done. What to do now? Many times the burden is on the other spouse, if living, or the adult children. Conflicts, consequences and what to do next. It’s now a crisis!

Household Possessions: No Longer Need Or Wanted? What’s It Worth? How To Disperse Those Items?

Times have changed with the marketplace. With all the depression era and boomer generation downsizing, generation X and Y don’t want their belongings. Who does? Trends on what’s selling and what’s not. Then what to do. Repurpose, donate, consign, auction, estate sales.

A Smooth and Stress Free Transition

What are the stages and processes to begin thinking of a move? Apartment, condo or retirement community? What do we do first, second and more? It’s an overwhelming task of being in a home whether 10, 20 to 50 years of stuff. How can a Move Manager and a Professional Organizer help with this process? Steps, processes and stages to be discussed.

Organizing and Decluttering

Do you have two or three sizes of clothing in your closet for thinner or thicker feeling days? Do you still have clothes and gift items purchased, still with price tags and never used or given away? Are your drawers, basement, garage, or closets stuffed with items “I think I will need some day?”. Tips, suggestions and ideas on letting go of the “stuff”. Discussing ROI (return on investment/inventory) and why it’s hard to let go. Organizational planning ideas.

Staging Your Home For Resale

Once you decide you want to sell your home, do you want to make a profit or lose money? As part of your planning process, preparing at least six months to a year to prepare and sell your home can save you money and time. Tips on neutralizing your home, packing items you want to keep, selling or dispersing items you don’t want, and more. Finding a qualified realtor to work with. Questions and answers you need to know. This could be a joint presentation by a home stager, an organizer and a realtor.

A Panel of Experts

Participation in a panel of experts such as: financial planner, accountant/CPA, elder law attorney, estate liquidator, senior care advocate, move manager/professional organizer, and real estate agent presenting tips, facts, latest trends, items to be aware of and more. Active audience participation.

Pros and Cons to Aging In Place

This presentation talks about home organization. How to make the home safe so Mom or Dad doesn’t fall. Removing excess clutter and debris that is no longer needed. Making the three rooms they currently occupy on a daily basis organized, clutter free and ease of movement. Re-organizing the kitchen for items easier to reach and devices put in place for emergencies. How to discuss with the entire family on what needs to be done.

The Digital Age

What needs to be scanned and shredded? How to reduce clutter by digitizing photos, slides, VHS tapes. Scanning documents onto DVD. What years to keep and then shred? Digitize home inventory and life documents. How to get organized now before a move.