Project Manager/Move Planner

Feeling overwhelmed and clueless on where to begin on the de-cluttering, downsizing, rightsizing, or moving process? As your move planner, we advise you through all the stages and put together checklists if you want to”do it yourself”. As your move planner, we provide suggestions for movers, selling unwanted household items, and the stages to start on the project.

  • Our team will assist, if desired, to pack delicate items, or just unpack at the new location if the home is local in the Indianapolis, IN area.
  • Remodeling: Do you just need an extra pair of hands packing during construction, and unpacking at the completion of the project?
  • Do you want to stay in your home, but need to re-arrange rooms for better use of space? Aging in Place.
  • Move planning services is on an hourly basis. Utilizing our years of expertise, we organize timelines, stages of the project, and use of our invaluable resources.