True Stories: CHANGE IS GOOD – Part 1

I am in the change business. Moving people to new locations, downsizing their homes, helping with decisions on what to keep or what the kids might want, and moving their furniture and items around their house to a different spot.

As we mature in age we need change. It keeps us refreshed and energized. If you do the same thing every day without adding a touch of something new, you can get stagnant, rigid, and bored. 

Refresh your activities! Do you drive the same streets daily without taking a different path? Road construction sometimes forces us to take a different route, causing some people to get all bent out of shape by having to take a new route, while others think of it as an adventure. New sights to look at, a new path to follow, and a new adventure to experience.

Change can be uncomfortable. It can hurt a bit. For example, a mature person who has lived in the same home for 20 to 30 years, following the same routine, watching the same TV shows, and not leaving their house often, can find it a real challenge to have to move into a retirement community. Yes! it’s a big change.  I recently moved a couple who were in their 80’s. They resented moving but knew it was necessary. The couple has lived in their retirement apartment in Carmel, Indiana for less than two months. They do not participate in any activities, nor do they go to the dining room, instead they have food delivered directly to their room.

It would be beneficial for this couple to have a buddy, so I suggested that to the sales team at the retirement community. For a couple of weeks, a buddy could take them to the dining room, introduce them to others, and show them around the building, so they become familiar with their new environment and start to feel more comfortable.

My lady client told me that she hadn’t left the house in a long time, since she’d been taking care of her husband. Meeting new people made her feel shy and uncomfortable. Getting dressed, doing her hair, and applying makeup are things that she hasn’t done in years. It was mentioned to me that the retirement community has a welcome committee, but I’m not sure if they ever showed up.

Change is scary especially if you are by yourself. How can a senior move manager in Carmel, Indiana, help with downsizing? As a move manager, I work very closely with our clients, and they share everything with us…in many cases, they tell us more than they tell their adult children. As a professional, whenever we see physical, emotional, or mental issues with our clients, we inform the family and the retirement community, with the goal of getting them the assistance they need.

To be continued…