True Stories: CHANGE IS GOOD – Part 2

In my post on June 2nd, I discussed how making changes can be both good and scary at the same time. This post suggests another method of bringing about change by creating opportunities to meet and socialize with people of different age groups.

If you are in your 40’s or 50’s, maybe try meeting or socializing with people in their 70’s. Different age brackets and life experiences can be interesting, educational, and provide a new perspective on many levels.

Those individuals who are in their late 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s today, tend not to be as tech-savvy as younger generations. Technology can greatly benefit older people, by making daily life and activities more convenient and safe. A lot of my clients tend to have older computers and most rarely check their email. So if you are in this age group, think about going to lunch or having a cocktail with someone in their 40’s or 50’s who can help you learn more about the features of your computer or cell phone and how to use it. Or they can inform you about special apps, such as what grocery stores will deliver food, and apps for ordering clothes, or products online, especially if you don’t drive. 

We have recently had a lot of clients in their 80s. It doesn’t take them long to learn how to text once they become familiar with their cell phone. It makes me giggle when they say “Just text me”, but then I may not get a reply to my text for a day or longer.

My advice to my female clients when they move into retirement communities in Indianapolis, is I suggest they wear a small cross-body bag to carry their cell phone and apartment keys. Otherwise, they forget to carry their cell phone and lose their apartment keys because they are used to being in their own home. 

We recently moved one of our clients into a retirement community, and her family decided not to get her a landline and just gave her a cell phone instead. Well, that was a mistake. Because she doesn’t carry her phone with her, nor does she know how to retrieve voicemail messages. It is not uncommon for clients to forget what their ringer tone sounds like, so they do not answer their phone when it rings. Or a big one, they don’t hear the phone because they aren’t wearing their hearing aids!

Since spam calls are plentiful, so most of my clients prefer calls to go to their answering machine, so they can delete the message if it’s on the land phone. Or if they don’t recognize your phone number on the land phone, they won’t pick up the phone. I have to give my clients my phone number in advance, so they answer my calls and instructions to make sure they pick up. It’s crazy! 

Did you see Martha Stewart on the front cover of the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit issue? She is now 81 years old. WOW!  Change is Good!

They say as we mature socialization keeps us young, exciting and involved. Change good!