The Benefits of De-cluttering, Re-Organizing, and Rightsizing Your Living Space

When your home is filled with “too much stuff” it creates havoc and chaos in your life subconsciously. It brings stress, unhealthily living conditions, safety issues, and varmints.

Start the New Year with a new outlook and here are some benefits to consider:

– Start with the holiday decorations. How much is enough? Downsize what you have you will save a lot of space. Put in plastic containers and label them.    Donate the excess.

 – If you were to sell your home today and walk into the front door…what do others view?

 – Where is the chaos and clutter in the house? Why is it there? Start there to de-clutter.

 – Make three piles: Have 30 gallon trash bags available. Pile 1- donate (to family or charity); Pile 2- sell or consign, pile 3 – keep. Remove that day donate pile to your car and take it to charity or your families home. Pile 3 the keeps – could you pack it and store it in the garage, basement, or attic for clutter free room? But if you pack it you really need it in your life at all?

– Key words you must tell sue out loud: do these inanimate objects bring you LOVE, JOY AND HAPPINESS?

– Clearing spaces, countertops, drawers, shelving, bookcases, closets, garage, attic, and car will be easier to clean because you now have space and provide more clarity and openness in your life. After inanimate objects are gone you might have a few moments of “the challenge of change pains”, but it leaves quickly.

= Shred and discard documents that are 2009 and older. Don’t need it.

– Get rid of old magazines and newspapers and articles saved because “I might need it”.. there’s the internet today with the world at our fingertips.

– Remove silk and dried arrangements above kitchen cabinets and other high places, probably never cleaned and creates a lot of dust.

 -Go through your spices….anything over a year it has lost its potency.

– Go through your pantry expired foods discard, unwanted and unopened items donate to food banks.

– Old outdated tube TV’s , cable wires, electronics that no longer work recycle and take to Recycle Force off Brookside Dr. (southeast side of Indianapolis)

– Organize Life Documents – put in a three ring binder copies of: will, trust, Power of Attorney, video of household items and who they might go to, deed to your house, mortgage, car title, all your doctors with names and phone numbers, list of medications you take, all insurance companies (homeowners, property, auto, etc), name and phone number of financial planner, list of 401 K/stocks/mutual funds and what company holds those, names of your children or next of kin with address and phone numbers, banks accounts and name and location of bank, list of appraisals of any collection or fine jewelry and more.

– Organize and digitize all family photos….remove pictures from albums and picture frames and have them digitized. Digitize VHS tapes and 8 mm film. Albums take up space. Copies of these family treasures can be given as a holiday, anniversary or birthday gift.

It all takes time and usually takes more time then you think. Write on your calendar time allotted for this rightsizing session to take place once a week or twice a week? Be in control of your destiny and well being.

When you de-clutter and rightsize your home for your needs today you will feel free, more open, and create peace and harmony in your “living space”.

What do you want to work on first?