Setting Up a Home Office and School Work Space

Learning and working from home means putting a schedule together and having an organized space. Some families share a dining room or kitchen table as a multi workspace and then dining at the table.

If you don’t have a spare bedroom or basement or sun room to create a focused area here are some ideas:

  • Dining room table – a portable cart (i.e. tea cart or 2 level cart on wheels) that can hold laptops, papers and cell phone charging stations. When it is time to eat, the items can be rolled away from the table, stationed on the cart. The cart should hold only one person’s work or school items.
  • Use card tables or folding tables to create a workspace. Keep work or school areas organized so you don’t see or feel chaos when leaving the area. Use small containers to hold labeled folders, cups to store pens, and extension cords to reach an outlet.
  • Lighting is critical. Create great lighting by using floor lamps or table lamps with soft white bulbs.
  • Use folding 6’ high screens to separate work or school areas from family living areas. The screens also create privacy.
  • If the basement is an option, make sure it feels warm and cozy. Put a comfortable chair next to the table. Use great lighting and possibly a small area rug under the table to warm up the space. Keep in mind that some basements do not have good reception for cell phones or sometimes internet connection.

The most important aspect of the space is your workspace. Be sure to label all folders and organize your calendar and files you are working on. Before you walk away from the space at the end of the day, tidy it up. That way when you return, the space is free and clear of clutter and you have clarity and focus to start again.