How to: sort or “right size” your home before a move

We usually get the call from home owners wanting or needing to move or right size when they are at the “OVERWHELMED” stage. Home owners just take everything out of drawers and closets and just put them on the floor. This method creates visual “CHAOS” AND MAJOR”CLUTTER”.

Pick one room and start at the door and work your way around the room going through drawers, closets and cabinets. Have a box of 30 gallon trash bags handy and label three bags and tape the label on to read: “donate”, “shred” and “trash”. Donate clothes and all accessories unless from the 1940- 1960’s (called today vintage). There is a fine line on what to donate and what to sell. This is where the experts come in.

Don’t wait, take all donations in the bags to your car for your donation site that afternoon or next morning. Remove all trash bags and put into the discard receptacle. The room you are working on will be cleared for you to review and evaluate more. Shredding can be taken to community day or there are many shredding companies around town.

Items you wish to keep…. if they bring you “LOVE, JOY AND HAPPINESS” can be left in drawers if not glass or liquid. Other items can be boxed and labeled and placed in that cleared out closet ready for real estate showings.

Once you have totally completed one room it will give you the satisfaction and gratifying accomplishment to move on to the next room. Though remember: do these items I am moving or rightsizing my living space bring me “love, joy and happiness”. If so, you must keep it. If you are limited on space and the items gives you little to no feeling, it’s time to “repurpose it” and let someone else enjoy it.