Hire a Moving Company or Do It Yourself

Make sure to start early on your planning. Get a floor plan of where you are going so you know what will truly fit. Bringing extra items at the other end means you have to deal with it then. Bummer. Start going through everything and par down. DOWN SIZING TO RIGHT SIZING.           

If you are moving yourself, do you and your family have the ability to lift heavy furniture and boxes up and down the steps? Don’t forget, if it is too heavy, you can fall into the wall and create damage. Yuck! Professional movers are pros, they know how to pack, load the truck and get your items to the new location in one piece.

There may be items you feel you want to sell. This is the hard part.  Used furniture/furnishings are like driving a new car off the parking lot. It devalues when you leave the lot. Investigate local auctioneers, estate sales people and ask friends. Take items to the donation center of your choice and keep your receipts.

Our clients hire us as a professional move management company because we take care of all of the logistics. We ask you to help us decide what brings you “love, joy and happiness”. We help you to take the items that you value into the next chapter of your life.