Get Organized with Labels and Containers

I love using labels. It tells you where you have put items and where to return them. Here are some rooms you can use them in and how to use them.

The Garage:

1. Guys who have work benches and love their screws, nails, nuts and bolts can use labels. Mason jars are clear and a good size, so you don’t have to have a million of one item. The jar holds only so much and that is all you need until you run out. You can use Avery labels, label guns or download the Brothers Printer app on your phone. Get the app and buy a Brother’s hand held printer that will print the labels and cut it. Label your nuts, bolts and screws (separate wood screws from other types).

2. Camping gear – Depending upon what size tents you have (large or small), its best to air them out before putting away. Keep them in the canvas bags they have come in. For your campfire cooking gear, you can clean and put them in clear plastic totes. Camping dishes, glasses and cups can be put in clear plastic totes. Label each tote. I like using Avery labels (1.5″x 2”) and running them through the home printer. You want labels that are large so they are easy to read. Then items can easily be placed back into the same clean containers.

3. Organize shelving units in the garage utilizing one to three shelves for your camping gear. You should have one to three shelves for sporting equipment and one to three shelves for items from big box stores.

The Kitchen:

  1. Spice racks: If the spice rack is the style that pulls out from a cabinet and you see only the tops, put your tables on the top of the spices. Organize them from A – Z with the the spices that begin with an “S” lower on the rack. But if there are spices you might use often like salt and pepper, you may want them on the top shelf.

2. If you put your spices in a drawer, then spices can be laying flat where you can read and see the label.

3. Lazy Susan: (one layer or double decker) I like the double decker style, if it fits in your cabinet. I label on the ledge, peppers (Crushed, red, black and white peppers can fit into that grouping.). The upper ledge might have salt (Sea, Pink, Himalayan, Kosher, Mediterranean, etc.). The other spices can be a double decker, using the upper level for basil to garlic (b – g) and the lower level for h to z spices. Label the ledge a-g spices and h -z spices.

Small bathrooms with no linen closet and very little to no cabinets:

Consider an over the door pocket hanger or shoe rack. Both have pockets to put lotions, curling iron, hair dryer, and other toiletries that are necessary.

Toy Room:

You can purchase large colored dots for this purpose: Red might be for puzzles; Blue might be for stuffed animals, yellow and so forth. You can make a dot chart with the names of the items that belong in each cabinet, cubby, basket or container.