Adopt us: we are like your “daughter, Mom, or wife”

So many of our clients say to us, gee, we feel like you are our “daughter, Mom, or wife”. We come into your home as strangers and leave as family.

What makes our services and our team unique and special? We give our whole “heart”. We make ourselves available emotionally, physically and mentally to assist in any way we can. If we have to take a short role as one’s daughter, wife or mom” and have those heartfelt conversations about items in your home or memories while downsizing or moving, we step right into that role. We are unique because we are one stop who has all the resources to plan, coordinate, supervise and execute your project whether its rightsizing, de-cluttering, loss of a family member, organizing life documents, and assigning household items to be re-purposed or given to members of the family.

As a senior move manager and professional organizers we act as a coach, mentor, and psychiatrist at times but we actually just listen while we work and hear your stories, tales and adventures.

Our activity in Indianapolis and Hamilton Counties neighborhoods in Indiana take us to lovely families. No house or family is the same even though we still provide the sorting, organizing, discarding, donating, selling unwanted household items, packing, moving and decluttering services. When we work together many say, “My wife” would say that. Or “My daughter” would ask me to go through personal items.

We recently worked with a 91 year old gentleman who we love. He is blind in his center vision. We asked his permission and went to a local organizing store and bought him a canvas shoe holder in natural color that would hang from the shelf so he could see his shoes and wouldn’t have to bend down to the floor. Previously he had two sofas he couldn’t get out of because the seats were too deep. We suggested a love seat sofa with 24” depth he granted us permission and found and delivered one to his new home for an economical price. We hung up his expensive artwork around his 2 bedroom apartment. Move in night we brought in his favorite dinner which is veal piccata and Caesar salad. These are just a few of the little things we do that mean so much to our clients. That’s WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE.