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  • save the memories
  • moving seniors
  • organize your families papers
  • Protect Your Important Life Documents

    We will help you enjoy peace of mind and protect your cherished mementos for your family by digitizing your important life documents.

  • Got a move coming up?

    We can help you with downsizing, moving, packing, organizing, moving seniors, and corporate employee relocating, estate sales and liquidating and/or unwanted household items.

  • Let Us Do The Work

    Not sure where to begin? We help you get organized and de-clutter your home.

What We Do.

Downsize, Corporate relocations, Organize, Declutter, Sell and Liquidate household items.

Organize. Sort. Shred.

We will organize all your wanted belongings and documents while boxing and sorting through your personal items for the family to review, retain or dispose.

Concierge Services

Your personal project manager to handle projects from start to finish.

Packing and Unpacking

Pack belongings from your existing home to unpacking and setting up the household at the new location.

Supervise. Move Out and Move in Day

We can arrange and coordinate movers and supervise during move out and in for you locally and nationwide.

Appraisals. Digital Inventory.

High value collections, artwork,special pieces can be itemized and photographed. These items are evaluated by an independent appraiser and inventory company.


Professional Organizing

We organize rooms, closets, drawers. basement, garages, kitchens, home offices, paper flow, and toys. We can arrange for shelving or storage units.

As life speeds by us, we help you organize and compile into a binder and electronically all of your life documents. When needed they are ready (Insurance (auto, home, life, long term care, health, supplemental plans, and more); wills, trusts, estates, doctors, medications, written and digital inventory of household items.

Household Inventory (written and digital) as part of your life document folder, for insurance purposes or passing of a loved one for estate documentation.


Moving Supplies

Order boxes, Moving Supplies, Accessories, Moving Packages, and Protective Packing Materials...Shipped to your door!
Want to pack yourself?
You can buy boxes & supplies at wholesale prices without using our services! 
Save money and save trees by buying your moving supplies from - CLICK HERE
Place your order before 3 PM (Eastern-Pacific Time).
Free Shipping on orders of $50 or more.
Boxe that you will need the most:
2. 3.0 CU FT. 18x18x16 Box
3. Dishpack boxes for lamps, mirrors, dishes, crystal, fragile items
4. Newspaper print is the key to padding, as well as, bubble wrap
Do you know of any friends, family or co-workers who are moving?
Refer them through our website for wholesale boxes shipped nationwide to your door.

Digitizing Photos, Slides and Tapes

Digitize Photos, Slides, VHS Tapes


Digitize Photos, Slides, 8mm film, and/or VHS Tapes onto DVD

It's a fact: many of us in Indiana have a good portion of our memories stored and recorded on film and tape. Unfortunately, these types of media don't last forever. You may have filmed weddings, graduations, and so many other special events on VHS tapes that are likely to break and be lost forever.
Similarly, photos degenerate. And what would you do if your photo albums - a lifetime of family memories - were lost in a disaster like a fire or tornado?
The answer is to find some peace of mind and protect these cherished mementos for your family by digitizing them. This way, they can be saved onto a DVD, with multiple copies produced and distributed to all of your family and friends. Additionally, you can protect them further by storing them on the Internet or in your email.
When you hire Complete Relocation Solutions for this project, we'll send an organizer to help you sort through your photos, tapes, and slides. Our organizer will assist you in categorizing everything by date, celebration, or event and then begin the project of scanning and saving all of these memories for you.
This sort of service makes a great anniversary, birthday, Mothers' Day, or Fathers' Day, Holiday or just getting organized present. Or simply use it as an opportunity to declutter the family home and save those photographs that are hanging on the living room wall!
We can scan over and above 10,000 photos. For further information on organizing and digitizing all of your media, call us at 317-514-9793 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We're proud to be an Indianpolis service for digitizing and saving photos onto DVD or CD.

Corporate Relocation Moves

Over the years we have relocated families across the nation moving up in their current company or taking on new roles with a new organization.  Most of these relocation are new positions and have been women.

As the women leave their city and home to start their new career role, the husband or partner is left behind taking care of selling the house, cleaning out the home, trying to sell household furnishings no longer needed, plus taking care of the children.

It's stressful, overwhelming and too much to handle. Especially if both partners of the home work plus have children.

As a move manager, our team takes the stress out of this emotional transitional time. The value added benefit to our services are:

1. Custom floor planning. Pre-owned items you love and adore are strategically measured and evaluated to fit in the new location. Benefit: Moving items that bring you love, joy and happiness.

2. Reduce, discard, sell and/ or donate any household items. Benefit reducing excess weight and the cost of the move.

3. Unpacking services. Our team can unpack a few rooms or the entire home. We make the beds, put tolietries in bathroom, hang up clothes in the closet, put dishes in the kitchen, arrange furniture and remove all moving supplies.

4. Goal. Arrange the "nest" so it is all organized and in place for the new employee and their family. Goal is to settle the family quickly to eliminate the emotional, mental and physical part of the move to a new area and to stimulate greater focus for their new job.  

5. Self Packers - Those residents who like to pack yourself for moving supplies -go to htpp:// All orders received before 3 PM EST will be shipped same day. Free shipping with orders of $50 or more. Orders shipped to your door nationwide.

 Let our team help your team stream line the process. Put us in touch with your relocation company or just call us.

No project is too small or too big.

Estate Liquidation

There has been a shift in estate sales. Most home owners sold their house quickly and need to move fast on selling those unwanted items, or if they are in the home they do not want the public coming through their house while they are there.

Through our years of experience, we have many resources locally and across the country to sell your items.  Please call us so we can come out and evaluate what you have and the best solutions that fit your needs.


Our services can help you liquidate and sale unwanted household items including high end furnishings to collectibles (art, photography, pottery, cermanics, stamps, coins, dolls, all sorts of collections).

What is not salable we work hard to re-purpose, donate and/or find a great home for your items. We are a "Green Company" so we work hard not to put items in a landfill and recycle.

Just call us.
Schatz Marine Barometer and Clock -  We always find unique items for sale

schatz marine clock and barometer sm


Sometimes we sell our clients cars. If you collect special items, join our e-mail so as we "find" your collectible item we can let you know. Send us your e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Go to our home page and listen to the WIBC radio interviews.

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  • I hired Yellow Tag to help my family move from Indianapolis to Carmel, at the recommendation of my realtor. Rita and her staff got my whole house packed very quickly...

    Jennifer F.
  • I was referred to Yellow Tag Household Sales and not only did they help me find a realtor to sell the home, but cleaned it out in six days. They made it so easy, so stress free, I don't know why I didn't meet them four years ago...

    Flo D.
  • On behalf of my four sisters and myself, I thank you for helping us with our Mother’s move from our childhood home into an assisted living facility. We know this home was a challenge and packed with not only my parent’s personal belongings, but all my siblings’ belongings starting with the mass of papers from the first grade...

    M. D.
  • A lovely couple I worked with in February 2017 just sent me this. "Hey Rita our listing of our home just came out today and have a showing in the morning! I appreciate how much you helped us! Words hardly can express! I have mentioned your service to several neighbors. They are not ready to act on anything yet but say they need to." go tour the listing