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Financial Questions to Ask Assisted Living Facilities in Indianapolis

by Rita Woll
When you, as a senior citizen, or the caregiver family of an elder, begin to explore the possibility of moving a senior into an assisted living facility, a number of issues come to the forefront. Of course, there are the emotional and logistical challenges. But, of course, first and foremost may be the economic impact. What are the costs of moving Mom or Dad into an active retirement community? What will the contract look like? 

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Over my career as an Indianapolis Senior Move Manager and professional organizer, I've gained a plethora of knowledge in guiding clients to the assisted living facilities in Indiana and elsewhere that may be the best options for their care.
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Here is a list of some fundamental financial and legal questions that a caregiver or senior citizen should ask the staff at an Indianapolis retirement community or assisted living facility that they are touring.
Please understand that I am NOT a lawyer and this should NOT be construed as legal advice. You should undertake a consultation with an Indiana eldercare attorney before signing any contracts.   
Questions to Ask Indianapolis Retirement Communities
1) What is the basic fee?
2) What services are included with that fee?
3) What are the additional prices for extra services or products?
4) What initial payment is required? Is a part of that refundable?
5) What fees apply if the resident is away from the community for an extended time (like during a long hospital stay)? 
6) What is the policy on renters insurance?
7) When, why, and how often may fees be changed?
8) How much advance warning is provided in the event of fee changes and who is notified?
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9) Is financial assistance available now or at any time?
10) Who is responsible for cleaning or repair should an accident occur?
11) What's the refund policy in cases of facility closure, ownership change, transfers, etc?
12) What are the behaviors or circumstances that may result in termination of services?
13) What are the rights of residents?
14) What are the grievance procedures?
It's my job and pleasure to help Indianapolis seniors and their caregiver families plan, organize, and implement the entire process necessary when it's time to move - or downsize - an elder into a smaller apartment or assisted living facility. We offer a multitude of services at Yellow Tag Household Sales designed to ease the burden for all during this extensive family project. If I may answer any questions, please feel free to contact me - Rita Woll - or my staff at 317-514-9793 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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