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Tips to Help Elder Parents Downsize in Indianapolis

When a senior or boomer is considering leaving their longtime family home and moving to a senior retirement community or downsizing to a smaller apartment or condo, the emotional devastation of ridding themselves of lifetime possessions can be exhausting. 

Somehow it just seems wrong to get rid of items with so many memories, especially on the cheap or piecemeal. Who wants to sell something for a couple of dollars at a garage sale when the memory is so much pricier?

This is a situation where an Indianapolis senior move manager and a professional experienced in Indiana estate sales can step in and help the client and their family with some of the emotional trauma. An outsider with a keen eye can help a client determine what is valuable and what is not, while helping the senior or boomer to plan for ways to organize and keep those possessions that absolutely must remain. Often, the senior move expert will help design a layout for the new home or apartment and help one visualize beforehand what they can keep and what they cannot.

While an individual may have to resort to a cumbersome and tiring garage sale - where it's unlikely the one will receive any significant financial reward for high-end items - an estate sale professional and senior move manager will instead use their professional expertise to help move the items. This may include an extensive advertising campaign and promotion to an established list of buyers who will get "first dibs" - often at a premium price - to the items. The move manager and liquidator will also arrange for staff to help during the estate sale and turn the home or property nearly into a "retail boutique," by polishing items, presenting them properly with retail marketing techniques and even cleaning the home for the best possible presentation. This includes leaving the home in "broom clean" condition after the sale, another measure to help make the sale and move as easy as possible for the client.

Reputable senior move and estate sale managers and companies will utilize contracts to ensure that there are no misrepresentations or misinterpretation. In cases where the owner is deceased, the company should provide inventories of items to the estate trustee, complete with prices paid.

When it's time to help downsize aging parents, a great move manager will help to make moving aging parents a breeze - relatively speaking, of course. A huge part of my business is when Indiana adult children help aging parents move. The move can be local or even across the country. Yellow Tag Household Sales has relationships with other managers across the nation and can easily help an elderly parent move from say, Indianapolis to Scottsdale.

The typical estate sale averages between $5,000 and $15,000, although the amount can be lower or substantially higher. The company that you consult will help you determine how much profit potential exists from your possessions, and guide you toward the proper route, be it an estate sale or a smaller liquidation process.

As an Indianapolis senior move manager and estate sale provider, it is my job to make the entire process of moving to a new home as simple and as profitable as possible. This is an effort and a job that requires extensive knowledge and polished, professional people skills, attributes that I bring to the table and exhibit with every client. I understand that this is a stressful and emotional time for the entire family. It's important for me to minimize the stress and offer a sense of calm.

If you'd like to discuss the particular needs of your family when elderly parents downsize, my company, Yellow Tag Household Sales, will be happy to provide you experienced advice. Contact me anytime at (317) 514-9793 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

There are several reasons you will need our services:

  • Passing of a family member or friend.
  • Final household clean-outs and gettng the house ready for the real estate market. Act as project manager for home renovations.
  • Home staging for active real estate showings.
  • Moving – Just packing or just unpacking at the new location.
  • Moving or downsizing an aging senior parent to independent, assisted living, or long term care.
  • Want to keep your aging senior parent in their home? "Age in Place". Re-organize and de-clutter. Safety is an issue.
  • Remodeling or Redecorating – packing breakables and clean and polish while unpacking.
  • Just organizing need for an extra pair of hands to help.
  • Divorce or separation.
  • Corporate employee transfers and relocations. No downtime for the employee relocation. Getting settled immediately.
  • Digitzing documents, photos, VHS tapes, slides. Preserving the memories.