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Digitizing Photos, Slides and Tapes

Digitize Photos, Slides, VHS Tapes


Digitize Photos, Slides, 8mm film, and/or VHS Tapes onto DVD

It's a fact: many of us in Indiana have a good portion of our memories stored and recorded on film and tape. Unfortunately, these types of media don't last forever. You may have filmed weddings, graduations, and so many other special events on VHS tapes that are likely to break and be lost forever.
Similarly, photos degenerate. And what would you do if your photo albums - a lifetime of family memories - were lost in a disaster like a fire or tornado?
The answer is to find some peace of mind and protect these cherished mementos for your family by digitizing them. This way, they can be saved onto a DVD, with multiple copies produced and distributed to all of your family and friends. Additionally, you can protect them further by storing them on the Internet or in your email.
When you hire Complete Relocation Solutions for this project, we'll send an organizer to help you sort through your photos, tapes, and slides. Our organizer will assist you in categorizing everything by date, celebration, or event and then begin the project of scanning and saving all of these memories for you.
This sort of service makes a great anniversary, birthday, Mothers' Day, or Fathers' Day, Holiday or just getting organized present. Or simply use it as an opportunity to declutter the family home and save those photographs that are hanging on the living room wall!
We can scan over and above 10,000 photos. For further information on organizing and digitizing all of your media, call us at 317-514-9793 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We're proud to be an Indianpolis service for digitizing and saving photos onto DVD or CD.