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Recession, Depression, Falling Home Values:

How has Senior Move Management contributed to grow in spite of the dismal economy? Senior Move Management has come of age. When a physician informs an anxious family that Mom, Dad, or grandparents can no longer live alone, a change in living situation is required - regardless of home equity status or the stock market's most recent valuation.

Senior Move Management: Grass Roots Entrepreneurs

They didn't set out to change a critical aspect of aging. The first senior move managers simply saw a need and filled it. Who are they? Where are they from? What skills are required? We'll share our snap shot of a senior move manager.

Story Ideas

Yellow Tag Household Sales can be contacted as a resource of information on the downsizing/moving/relocating of aging adults and boomers nationwide. For more information, feel free to contact Rita Woll at 317.514.9793 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Rita Woll's Bio: A graduate of Indiana University in Bloomington, IN, with a B.S. in Elementary Education, Rita Woll pursued a career where she could combine her love for building relationships and establishing networks,. In 1979, she established her own image consulting business, Putting It All Together, Inc. Specialzed in a unique set of services for men and women which included: personal and professional appearance enhancement, correction of body language, and etiquette programs for adults and children. Her clients were women and men who wanted to be their best, elected officials, television news anchors and reporters, business executives and management personnel. Additonally, Rita was one of the founding members of Fashion and Image Consultant Association, a national organization established in 1980.

Today, Putting It All Together, Inc. has redirecfted its energies and developed d/b/a Complete Relocation Solutions, a Senior Move Management business. The company works with anyone moving, but specializies in "boomers and seniors." This unique business started (2008) but in 1998 she moved her father from Indianapolis to southern California to a retirement community. The organization provides services in moving, downsizing, and relocating which includes: packing/unpacking at a new location, custom floor planning, corporate/employee transfers,liquidating home furnishings from loss of a loved one, household clean-outs, estate sales, digitzing memories (photos, slides, VHS tapes), and real estate home staging for active showings.

It is Rita's passion and her team to remove the stress of this transitional time for the families who move, downsize and relocate by acting as the families personal project manager.Our team focuses on the senior being moved and de-cluttering, re-organizing and staging the home so the client's project is completed in a cost effective and timely manner. She supervises her team to treat all property with respect, integrity, confidentially, and professionalism, while giving the family a peace of mind.

Her company is a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) and National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).

Listed below are just a few of the many "In The News - Story Ideas".....

 1. A new and growing industry - Senior Move Managers. An invaluable service. Much like a generation ago of wedding planners organize a life event. The move manager is a resource and can transition the "next stage and the next chapter of the entire life event".

2, "I can't move until I sell my house and find a home for all of my stuff"!

3. "My stuff" - It's not worth much anymore? Who wants it?

4. The Depression Generation - becoming more of pack rats and hoarders - Why?

5. How an industry grew and who is utilizing the services?

6. Retirement? Living in warm weather? The options have changed. More parents are moving into their children's home.

7. Wow, when I talked to Mom on the phone she sounded well until...I actually visited her in her home and found.....

What to do with Mom or Dad's Stuff?

If there has not been any preplanning for retirement communities and dispersing of household items, the aging adult and their families are overwhelmed with the entire task. In many cases, Mom or Dad gets sick and the family is left to deal with the household contents. Family squabbles interfer with the end result - liquidation. Who gets what, I don't want the items in my house, already have too much, and my children don't want it. Grandma's $25,000 dining set is worth so little in todays market. What's valuable, how to get the greatest value for "stuff" and how to sell/dispose of the items?

No one in the family wants to talk about it...

What happens if Mom or Dad get really sick and they can't live in their home any more? Which retirement communities would they want to live? How can I get them to visit, they think it's the old fashion "nursing home"? How much can they afford? What kinds of care will they need? Should they live closer to one of the children? We can't seem to discuss this issue? No pre-planning has been done. It usually falls on the shoulders of ....