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Corporate Relocation Moves

Over the years we have relocated families across the nation moving up in their current company or taking on new roles with a new organization.  Most of these relocation are new positions and have been women.

As the women leave their city and home to start their new career role, the husband or partner is left behind taking care of selling the house, cleaning out the home, trying to sell household furnishings no longer needed, plus taking care of the children.

It's stressful, overwhelming and too much to handle. Especially if both partners of the home work plus have children.

As a move manager, our team takes the stress out of this emotional transitional time. The value added benefit to our services are:

1. Custom floor planning. Pre-owned items you love and adore are strategically measured and evaluated to fit in the new location. Benefit: Moving items that bring you love, joy and happiness.

2. Reduce, discard, sell and/ or donate any household items. Benefit reducing excess weight and the cost of the move.

3. Unpacking services. Our team can unpack a few rooms or the entire home. We make the beds, put tolietries in bathroom, hang up clothes in the closet, put dishes in the kitchen, arrange furniture and remove all moving supplies.

4. Goal. Arrange the "nest" so it is all organized and in place for the new employee and their family. Goal is to settle the family quickly to eliminate the emotional, mental and physical part of the move to a new area and to stimulate greater focus for their new job.  

5. Self Packers - Those residents who like to pack yourself for moving supplies -go to htpp:// All orders received before 3 PM EST will be shipped same day. Free shipping with orders of $50 or more. Orders shipped to your door nationwide.

 Let our team help your team stream line the process. Put us in touch with your relocation company or just call us.

No project is too small or too big.