Declutter and Organize Home in Indianapolis

home of 38 years decluttered

Many retirees often don’t know where to begin when they need to declutter and organize their home in central Indianapolis. Over the past two and a half months, we have been working with a lovely couple who have lived in their house for 38 years without decluttering. They were both very busy professionals who kept a lot of papers and “stuff”.

We had an authorized shredding company shred about 40 bags of paperwork last week. To avoid mixing up the items to be shredded with trash or donations, we put them into pink trash bags.

We’ve gone through every room with a fine-tooth comb and I arranged for the items in their shed, basement, the deep freezer and furniture that didn’t sell to be removed by a hauling company. I even arranged for all of the windows to be professionally cleaned!

Over the course of the last  2 ½  weeks, the client and I went through and organized their “archive storage room”, which was a full collection of family photos and genealogy information. In preparation for moving into a retirement community which has very little storage. The husband scanned much of the genealogy, so they wouldn’t have to take paper with them. The wife and I spent time sorting through the pictures, weeding out the duplicates and fuzzy photos. To make digitizing the photos and organizing them on the thumb drive memory stick a little easier, we organized the photos by dates, themes and events and added index cards before each event/date.

It was fun to take a look at photos of their life as a new couple to where they are now. Furthermore, she also discovered the names of her grandparents, which she only knew as “grandpa and grandma” – very interesting!

Organizing about 30,000 photos was quite a feat, but we managed to send them off to a professional who will digitize them all.

If you haven’t organized your photos or family history for future generations….why are you waiting?

Think of them as a legacy to your children and future generations, it’s a wonderful experience and we can help you!

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