Are you prepred for a family crisis and/or natural diseaster?

A sudden sickness, death, divorce or separation. Do you have your “LIFE DOCUMENTS” in order? A brief list of documents to include: copy of the car title, if you have loans who is with (name of institution, phone #’s, acct. numbers), copy the deed to the house, all insurance policies (acct numbers, agents names & phone , house, health, long term care, life or team insurance), legally designated Power of Attorney or Guardia n for medical and financial, digital or still photos of your household inventory (designate to who and what items should be given ).

Continue to upkeep your home with repairs. Don’t prolong keeping repairs because you will have a lot of financial expenses when you go to sell the home. We work with so many families who let their homes go to ill repair. If your attitude is to sell “as is” be prepared to be on the MLS listing for 6 month or more and your agent will be asking to lower the price constantly. It doesn’t reap any financial benefits and then the family has to deal with cleaning it out making repair decisions.

Natural disasters….with climate change and unusual strong storms i.e. hurricanes, freezing temps, fierce rain and wind storms and extreme dry high temperatures of heat. Put your life documents in a fireproof safe somewhere on the first level of your home (in case there is a flood or fire can reach later). Keep your home updated on repairs especially if you live in areas of hurricane, flooding, or extreme hot and cold temperatures. It will protect you in the long run. In a plastic tote store food for pets, extra pair of shoes, bottled water, toiletries, scissors, screw driver, hammer, wrench, 2 – 3 plastic tarps, manual can opener, canned foods, TP, 30 gal. trash bags, small broom, flash lights and batteries to fit. Small battery operated radio.

If you need an extra pair hands to help or a project manager to coordinate