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Ways To Sell Household Contents

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Selling items today is tough. As years evolve the “wants” from the public change. Currently most people are still buying the “mid-century modern” type items. The period of the 1960’s that are sleek lines, lighter brown woods, chrome, glass and “modern” looking. The heavy wood furniture from the 70’s to 90’s is now called the “brown furniture” even if it is the “real wood”. The boomers did like the American or Victorian, or English antiques but most of them are changing and moving to the look of “modern” or “contemporary”. You never know what will sell or when it will sell because where are the buyers and where do they look to go buy it? As experience senior move manager and professional organizer we evaluate homes and their contents on a daily basis.

The following are a few places to sell items but you have to mark your items at the right price. The dollar value is all over the board. But please consider if you had something for 10 years or longer and it brought you great pleasure and you and your family spent holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions with those items, then how can you replace the “value” of those joyous occasion. Let the piece go … it….let someone else enjoy it….and make a few bucks.

Auction Houses: Most in the area if you have over $3,000 in value they will pick up and take back to the warehouse and sell to a live bidding and a local city audience. Most auctioneers take 35 to 50% commission based on the value of what is to be sold. Online Auction sites might take 40 to 50% commission and it is conducted online for the world to see. In both situations they group items that are not selling and make it a very affordable deal to purchase so all goes.

Estate Sales- this method is set up in the home and the public comes into the home usually for two to three days of showing. The estate sale company may take 35 to 50% commission plus charge advertising and staffing costs to run the sale. There are always items left over and those are usually donated. Security is something to keep in mind. If the family is still living in the home it becomes a challenge with everything out and on tables, plus it jeopardizes home security.

Facebook and Nextdoor Neighborhood websites have become very active and popular if you want to sell and do this selling process by yourself. Buyers will come to the home and pick up items. Security is always an issue and ask for cash rather than personal checks. Many times you have people who say they want the item but never show up.

Consignment Shops – More and more have been popping up but these stores are picky on what they will accept or not. Many times you have to send in pictures via e-mail and if they are interested you can deliver it yourself or if they pick up there is a fee. The split is usually 40% to owner 60% to the shop. They have the items for 90 days and if the items doesn’t sell in the first 30 days the price is reduced, If the items hasn’t sold in 90 days the owner can pick up or given to donation.

Who wants it, how to reach out to the public, and how to move it out of your house……The MILLION $ question.

Value and benefit of a service

I’ve been meeting people lately who desperately need our assistance but procrastinate and think they can do it themselves. Some of these individuals could but don’t know where to begin or have the resources. Some individuals have physical and mental disabilities and are head strong about what they can or cannot do. Moving forward on decision without weeks of contemplating and dwelling on issues.

So what is the “value and benefit” of using a professional service? You hire an attorney to make sure you abide by the law. You hire an account to make sure your in alignment with the IRS. Your hire a senior move manager – professional organizer for the following reasons:

  • Experienced, trained, ethical, trustworthy, and confidential
  • Coordinating, arranging, organizing and executing the plan
  • Support as a coach, a mom, a friend, a therapist on listening to all the emotional issues in one‘s life
  • A resource for most situations in moving, selling, dealing with divorce, dementia, and sibling quarrels, family dynamics and more
  • Insured, bonded and background checked
  • Respective and ask permission prior to conducting a task
  • Security and safety is critical
  • Resident works alongside of us
  • We just get the project done in a timely and efficient manner. Our rates our competitive

We come in with fresh eyes with no judgement. Believe me, we have seen it all and more!!! With proven track record the value of selling your home goes up when our team comes in and de-clutters, stage, removing dated pieces and accessories, and pack up items you want to keep. We suggest painting if needed with latest color palette, organize repair work needed so your home is "buyer ready". Agents love us because the home is ready for showings. Buyers first judge the home with online pictures. If the rooms are not show ready the pictures will relfect that view. We complete this process with all of our clients (if they chose). Recently a home we completed had a bidding war of offers and the property owner ended up receiving $6,000 over listing price.

If you can sell your house for asking price, what is that value? If you had an extra pair of hands to hevauseelp you sort, de-clutter and stage your home, what is that value? If you could sell unwanted household items and make a few bucks, what is that value? What is the dollar value of eliminating the emotional, physical and mental anguish and sleepiness nights on moving and downsizing?

Let us add value and benefit to your project!

How to: sort or "right size" your home before a move

We usually get the call from home owners wanting or needing to move or right size when they are at the “OVERWHELMED” stage. Home owners just take everything out of drawers and closets and just put them on the floor. This method creates visual “CHAOS” AND MAJOR”CLUTTER”.

Pick one room and start at the door and work your way around the room going through drawers, closets and cabinets. Have a box of 30 gallon trash bags handy and label three bags and tape the label on to read: “donate”, “shred” and “trash”. Donate clothes and all accessories unless from the 1940- 1960’s (called today vintage). There is a fine line on what to donate and what to sell. This is where the experts come in.

Don’t wait, take all donations in the bags to your car for your donation site that afternoon or next morning. Remove all trash bags and put into the discard receptacle. The room you are working on will be cleared for you to review and evaluate more. Shredding can be taken to community day or there are many shredding companies around town.

Items you wish to keep…. if they bring you “LOVE, JOY AND HAPPINESS” can be left in drawers if not glass or liquid. Other items can be boxed and labeled and placed in that cleared out closet ready for real estate showings.

Once you have totally completed one room it will give you the satisfaction and gratifying accomplishment to move on to the next room. Though remember: do these items I am moving or rightsizing my living space bring me “love, joy and happiness”. If so, you must keep it. If you are limited on space and the items gives you little to no feeling, it’s time to “repurpose it” and let someone else enjoy it.

There are several reasons you will need our services:

  • Passing of a family member or friend.
  • Final household clean-outs and gettng the house ready for the real estate market. Act as project manager for home renovations.
  • Home staging for active real estate showings.
  • Moving – Just packing or just unpacking at the new location.
  • Moving or downsizing an aging senior parent to independent, assisted living, or long term care.
  • Want to keep your aging senior parent in their home? "Age in Place". Re-organize and de-clutter. Safety is an issue.
  • Remodeling or Redecorating – packing breakables and clean and polish while unpacking.
  • Just organizing need for an extra pair of hands to help.
  • Divorce or separation.
  • Corporate employee transfers and relocations. No downtime for the employee relocation. Getting settled immediately.
  • Digitzing documents, photos, VHS tapes, slides. Preserving the memories.